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Our Facilities

Our facilities give us the ability to produce batches of proprietary alloys ranging from several tons to a few kilograms; provide material certification and analysis; post-cast processing to provide material with a specific temper, aging and heat treatment.

Floor Plan 

Our 9,000 sq. ft. building contains space for meetings, analysis, machining, materials handling, small foundry, DC Casting and Twin Roll Casting.


A small foundry with an Electric Furnace and Permanent Mold Casting.

Strip Casting location with an Electric Tilting Furnace, a Twin Roll Caster, and in-line shear.

DC Casting pit with interchangeable mould tables for casting billet & rolling ingots.

Full-service shipping and receiving bay doors. 

Machine Shop

Heat treatment with salt baths, furness, oil baths, and others

Rolling Zone

Our Equipment 

DC Caster

DC Casting pit with interchangeable mould tables to cast billet & ingot.

Billets from 81 mm to 413 mm (3 to 16”)

Ingots up to 355 x 914 mm (14 x 36”)

Max Length 2.7 m (9 feet)

Electric Tilling Furnace: 640 kg and 270 kg Cap.

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CIF & Fenn Mill

 Capability to produce hot and cold band product down to sub 1mm

- CIF Mill -

2 Hi Hot or Cold Mill

500 mm Roll Face with a Finished Gauge from 25 - 0.5 mm

- Fenn Mill -

2 Hi or 4 Hi

200 mm Roll Face with Gauges ≥ 100 μm

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Analytical Tools

Full-service analysis of metallography and surface characterization. 

SPECTROLAB S CMOS Arc-OES, Agilent 5110 ICP-OES, Tescan VEGA 4 SEM-EDS, Bend Testing, FLD, Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell, Brinell, WYKO NT2000 3D Profilometer, Nanovea PS50 3D Profilometer, & Optical Microscopes (Leica, Zeiss, Keyence). 

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Twin Roll Caster

A Twin Roll Caster for strip casting with an inline pinch-roller and shear

450 mm Roll face  

Cast Gauge 3 mm-8 mm

Electric Tilling Furnace: 240 kg Cap.

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Small Foundry

For smaller melts up to ~15kg .  Material cast in a variety of chill molds for further processing.

15 kg Furnace Capacity

Cast plates for Rolling 152 x 203 mm

With Variable Thickness from 6 - 75 mm

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Heat Treatment

Control microstructure through a combination of annealing, solution treatment and ageing.

Forced Air Furnaces

Salt Bath: 590 °C max

Fluidized (Sand) Bed: 580 °C max

Silicone Oil Bath: 450 °C max

Air and Water Quench

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Full Process Development Facilities

Leverage our unique combination of equipment and capabilities to prototype new alloys and processes through the entire production process. From molten metal to finished product, as supported by comprehensive materials evaluation.

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