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Surface Characterization

From precise roughness values to curvature measurements on complex reflective surfaces, KM&M-Aluminum has the expertise and equipment to quantify your topography.

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Profilometry & Surface Metrology

Some common applications include monitoring the surface of work rolls in rolling mills as well as the wear or corrosion of parts in service over time.  We are used to new applications, so please contact us with questions about your profilometry testing.

The following case studies are examples of projects done at KM&M.

Wear of Aluminium Work Rolls

Corrosion Testing of Stainless Steel Sheet

Cutting Method Comparison

"Orange Peel" Surface Defect

Verification of Measurement Equipment

Our Profilometry Equipment

Equipment Use Cases

Where precise vertical resolution is required, you can rely on our two high-resolution non-contact profilometers and experienced personnel. Our profilometers are integrated with MountainsMap software for calculations and reporting statistical parameters, as well as surface representations such as histograms.  

For larger samples where trends across a wider area are more important, our Keyence microscope with integrated depth analysis may be best for your application.  This machine has the capability to stitch together full colour microscopy images overlaid with height values.  These maps are the perfect option when you need high resolution images to help make your point.

In some cases such as measurements inside confined areas and on very large parts, direct measurements of the surface are impossible.  Using high quality surface replication, we can transfer your part’s surface profile to a polymer replica which can then be scanned in detail.

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