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R&D Process

From Molten Metal to Finished Product...

KM&M has unique capabilities that enable it to design and simulate a process to make aluminum based products.  We have gathered equipment that is capable of casting specialty aluminum alloys from 1kg up to several tonnes.  When combined with in-house thermo-mechanical processing, we are able to transform this into a finished product.

KM&M can help you with the simplest specialty alloy production all the way to a full product development program.

Examples of our R&D projects include:

  • Small lot production of unique alloys.

  • DC casting of billet and ingot. Ranging from single billet casts to small volume supply.

  • High purity-based alloy production for specialty applications.

  • Clad products for automotive thermal management, climate control, or aerospace applications.

  • Strip cast pilot-scale production of aluminum sheet and foil products – using the unique solidification characteristics of a twin roll cast product.

  • Simulation of commercial manufacturing processes such as hot/cold rolling, annealing, etc.

  • Full analytical capabilities to confirm composition and microstructure meet requirements.

Our R&D Process
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Whether it's a conventional or experimental alloy, we can leverage our dynamic research facility to produce and test your product with a wide range of piloting techniques.



When details matter! We use a combination of rolling, extrusion, annealing, solution treatment and ageing to control material properties and find the best process for you. 

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Leverage our comprehensive suite of analytical tools to quickly and efficiently identify the root cause of process development issues. We can help to improve your understanding as you scale up your production or develop novel solutions. 

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