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High Purity & Specialty Alloys

High-purity aluminum is critical for many applications, in particular battery production, and specialty alloys are at the heart of your product development.  However, it can be difficult to find the appropriate product geometry or sheet thickness for your specific application, in adequate quantity. 

KM&M’s batch casting process is ideal for providing you with the material that you need to advance your product development and commercialization. 


Analytical tools

Our top of the line in-house spark OES system lets us rapidly test the composition of every melt we cast, verifying it’s within client specification before casting.  Whether it’s a large DC cast or a small gravity pour, we can provide the melt composition. 

Our in-house metallographic facilities let us inspect billet macrosegregation, check for defects, and perform PoDFA melt cleanliness analysis. 


Our ultrasonic test equipment lets us inspect product for internal cracking before it leaves the plant.

Analytical tools
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