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Thermo-Mechanical Treatment

At KM&M we off a full range of Thermo-Mechanical treatment options for your product, including forced air convective ovens, salt baths and fluidized sand beds, used in combination with our rolling mills.  We can supply your material to desired specifications.

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Rolling Mill

We operate a 20” CIF mill as well as a small (9”) Fenn mill.  These allow us to convert book moulds or DC-Cast ingots into rolled products for testing by us or sent to our clients. We also do various studies on specific heat treatments on custom alloys, using air ovens, sand beds, or salt furnaces.  The CIF mill allows doing either cold or hot rolling.

KM&M has the equipment and the expertise to handle the most difficult alloys.  A variety of heat treatment schedules can be defined and combined with rolling sequences.  


Our CIF mill is capable of accepting material 102mm thick and 508mm wide for hot and cold work. It can produce sheets down to 0.5mm thick. The FENN mill is capable of producing sheet down to 50 micron with a maximum width of 203mm.

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