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Aluminum Innovation

We are the Centre for

& Sustainable Product Development

We provide product development services as an

All-In-One Commercialization Centre

We have a unique small foundry that allows us to produce

Small Batch
Proprietary Alloys

Know more about your material and optimize your process with 

Material Analysis 

Pilot new and current processes with customizable

Thermo-Mechanical Treatment

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A small team backed by years of research in aluminum alloy development, casting technologies, and properties optimization,  Kingston Metals & Materials Inc. is a new player in the aluminum R&D space but with a pedigree that goes back to the old Kingston Alcan Research facility.  We can deliver innovative aluminum alloys from kilograms to tonnage quantities.  We can help you develop and optimize your process, or diagnose issues in your operations and recommend solutions.  We are a full-service metallurgical lab. 

KM&M is located in southeast Ontario, at the cross between the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Syracuse. Kingston has been a hub for aluminum research and innovation for decades. We are able to support customers throughout North America and globally.

Our R&D Process

Our Mission

KM&M-Aluminum was founded to support the development of specialty aluminum alloys, products, and processes by providing unique expertise, equipment, and analysis in one central facility.

We work with clients from start-ups to large-scale producers, to prototype, develop and optimize the production of novel materials which will contribute to tomorrow’s worldwide green economy.

Our R&D Process

From liquid metal to finished products...



Foundry &


Ability to cast conventional and experimental alloys in a wide range of forms using piloting techniques.



Mechanical Processing

Control material properties through a combination of hot and cold rolling, extrusion, annealing, solution treatment and ageing. 


Materials Evaluation

Identify the root cause and understand your material with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools at your disposal. 

Our Resources

Our Resources

KM&M offers seven online training modules on aluminum and aluminum processing.  Each is fully online, allowing participants to work through at their own pace, and includes helpful images, examples, and evaluation questions. 

Aluminum Supplier

Aluminum structure, processing and properties

An introduction to aluminum metallurgy.  This module is ideal for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how aluminum processing changes the internal structure and properties of aluminum. 

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Sheet defects in rolled product

Dedicated to the most common flaws observed in rolled aluminum sheets, and how to characterize them, along with information as to their origin during processing.


Petri Dish


Provides a brief overview of how alloys solidify and how this can lead to problems such as compositional gradients.

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